The better everyone knows everybody else, the stronger your organization, community, family.

One Times One makes it easy for everyone in your community to meet and get to know everybody else - through simple, organic conversations.

In these meetings, they will discover things they have in common, ways they are already connected in a small world, ways they can help each other.

Some of the conversations will catalyze new collaboration and projects. Some become friendships. Some end up with simply having a new acquaintance, or seeing the world from a new perspective.

But little by little, a group of people transforms into a trusting, generative, resilient community. When someone needs something, they now personally know someone who can help - or know someone who knows someone.

How does it work?

As an organizer, you invite your community to participate and onboard the interested members. You set a weekly meeting schedule.

We take care of matching, notifications, and tracking, using a special algorithm combining serendipity with accountability. Our well-tested conversation starters invite deeper, more personal exchanges. We guide the participants to organically create an appreciation wall - a beautiful artifact that we share with them.

A possibility for any community of 10 or 1000

During our alpha stage, we have organized over 1100 hours of meetings. Some of the uses we’ve seen:

Opening our platform to beta testers

You will get lifetime preferential pricing and an opportunity to help us shape the product.

Get in touch for early access or to find out more.